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Ruby Roseman-Gannon solos to criterium national championship win

Ruby Roseman-Gannon soaks up the winning moment on Sturt St. Picture: Con Chronis / AusCycling

Ruby Roseman-Gannon has led a Liv AlUla Jayco podium sweep in the elite women’s criterium national championship at the 2024 Federation University RoadNats Ballarat.

The 25-year-old crossed the finish in Sturt St all on her lonesome, 14 seconds ahead of teammates Georgia Baker and Alexandra Manly in second and third respectively, winners of the bunch kick.

Roseman-Gannon ventured away from the race plan in making her decisive breakaway move but said it was the right decision to make.

“Look, I didn't really plan it, but in the first sort of 10 or 20 minutes I was like, wow my legs are actually hurting, like maybe I’m on a bad day, and I was playing mental games with myself,” she said.

“And I was like, I think everyone else is probably feeling it a little bit too and I know that’s the best time to go, and my partner Alastair Christie-Johnston said to go on the back straight not the front straight. So, I did it and it worked, and we got a gap quickly and Gina worked well with me.

Ruby Roseman-Gannon is the 2024 elite women's criterium national champion. Picture: Josh Chadwick / AusCycling

“I thought maybe she was playing a bit and she had more in the tank, but I actually feel bad because I should’ve kept her around a bit longer and tried to keep her away from the bunch, but I thought she was maybe playing mental games with me and turns out she wasn’t.

“But great way to start the year with such a great team.

“This feels pretty special; I love Ballarat nationals – pretty sad it’s leaving next year.”

The 2022 national criterium championship winner took command of the race after jumping clear from the main bunch with Team BridgeLane’s Gina Ricardo, with her Liv AlUla Jayco teammates behind in the peloton aiding as deterrents to the rest of the field bridging across.

After her first attempt to drop a visibly fatigued Ricardo failed, Roseman-Gannon played it cool for several laps, before launching a second and fatal move for her breakaway companion.

Georgia Baker and Alexandra Manly completed a Liv AlUla Jayco podium sweep. Picture: Con Chronis / AusCycling

That launch curtailed a spirited chase from the peloton led by Josie Talbot (Cofidis), who sat up momentarily but cruelly made the catch of Ricardo in the final hundred metres under the impetus of Baker and Manly.

“I’m so lucky to have Georgia, Alex, Amber (Pate) and Georgie (Howe), who’s not here today, so can’t thank them enough and all the sponsors, Liv AlUla Jayco,” Roseman-Gannon said.

“I think there is always a bit of pressure (as the WorldTour team) but also, we have all the support and we’re full-time athletes, so you know, it’s a small, hard thing that a lot of domestic riders have to work and study and I’ve been there, so I understand that.


“It’s the third time I’ve raced this crit now (as a professional) and it’s getting a little easier with that pressure.” 

An all Liv AlUla Jayco podium. Picture: Con Chronis / AusCycling


Elite Women Criterium

  1. Ruby ROSEMAN-GANNON (Liv AlUla Jayco)                    

  2. Georgia BAKER (Liv AlUla Jayco) +14

  3. Alexandra Manly (Liv AlUla Jayco) +14

  4. Sarah ROY (Cofidis) +14

  5. Keely BENNETT* (Team BridgeLane) +14

  6. Lucie FITYUS (ARA Skip Capital) +14

  7. Peta MULLENS (Roxsolt Liv SRAM) +14

  8. Keira WILL* (ARA Skip Capital) +14

  9. Neve BRADBURY* (Canyon//SRAM) +14

  10. Maeve PLOUFFE (Team dsm–firmenich PostNL) +14



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