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Road Nationals


Volunteer’s in Focus, Wayne & Sam

Every January, hundreds of vollies turn up to lend their support to the organisation and running of the Road National Championships in Ballarat & Buninyong. Their contribution and sacrifice help make the five day festival of cycling a reality.

In honour of National Volunteer Week, we caught up with two amazing volunteers who helped out at RoadNats this year.

Wayne Scanlon (pictured above second from the left top row), has been volunteering with the RoadNats team for the last three years. An integral part of the squad he is always willing to lend a hand, and have a laugh.

We caught up with him to find out a little bit more about why he loves to volunteer at RoadNats!

Wayne, why do you volunteer at cycling events?
Because it’s fantastic to see the elite athletes and try to understand their tactics, right through to the para-cyclists trying to achieve their goals.

What’s your favourite thing about volunteering
Without volunteers, great events like Cycling Australia wouldn’t be able to put on such a great event like the Nats, but it also supports the local economy.

It’s also a great chance to meet other like-minded volunteers, and it’s fantastic the way we as volunteers are greeted and supported in the way we carry out our jobs!

Keen Volunteer
Passionate volunteer, Sam Dutli, is another friendly face you’ll be sure to see around the traps of many cycling events.
He’s only volunteered for a few years, but has dedicated a lot of his time and efforts to helping out at cycling events around Victoria.

How long have you been volunteering?
I have been volunteering at events since 2018. I have done events like the Road Nationals in the hills of Buninyong and the Herald Sun Tour and the suburban streets of Melbourne. I volunteer for cycling events because it is always a good day out watching an awesome sport and being so close to the action.

What do you think is the best thing about being a vollie?
The best thing about volunteering is doing it with friends and a team as you feel like you get things done without effort, because it’s all just fun, and being in the front row of a major event is a really cool experience.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of volunteering?
Just do it! It doesn’t hurt to try something new, bring some friends and you all get to experience what it is like behind the scenes of major events! Plus you get free food.

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